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TEMPO PORTO ALEGRE offers full production services throughout Brazil. Here you can find joyous and colourful cosmopolitan places, but at the same time some peculiar, regional areas that can be fascinating for foreign professionals.


Besides outstanding locations and high quality casting, we can also provide great service. We can offer more than crew and shooting facilities. Together with our partner Post Frontier we can provide high quality editing and post-production services with prices far below many other countries.  


TEMPO PORTO ALEGRE has years of experience shooting for cinema, television and new media outlets. Clients include: RBS TV (Globo TV), TVE, Cultura TV, Spiegel TV, Hamburger Kino Kompanie and RTL (Germany).

Post Frontier

Our partner Post Frontier brings to life a fully integrated way of doing post production for TV and film. This means Post Frontier takes away from you the need to worry about a whole number of processes which are usually technically complex, labour intensive and full of pitfalls. Post Frontier loves those things and They’ll take care of the whole process for you. They worry about the ins and outs so you don’t have to. Post Frontier's work is grounded by years of London expertise, and it's all done in lovely Brazil. This means it’s done to the same standards, and with the same know-how and technology available from the world's foremost post-production facilities, but with a level of flexibility of method, workflow and cost you won’t have seen anywhere else. Here you can see their services.

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